27 February 2013

Midwich - Single Figures

Midwich - Single Figures
01 – (Introduction)
02 – Part One - Penny Dropped (06:04)
03 – Part Two - Seasonal Adjustment (14:50)

A live performance by Midwich recorded by Pascal Ansell (panelak) on 9 january 2013 at the Fox & Newt in Leeds.  The gig was organised by Hogwash.  

The CD comes wrapped in an adulterated page of The Midwich Cuckoos with hand printed label and insert, a limited edition of 49:- http://kirkstalldarkmatter.bandcamp.com/album/midwich-single-figures

There is a review of the gig at vibrations.org, from which the following might be taken as a description of what could be contained in the recording - Rob Hayler made the 90’s in Leeds a bit of a noisemongers oasis, what with promoting gigs and operating Fencing Flatworm Recordings, and the recent revival of his Midwich persona is very welcome... Hayler sits behind a table and plays two pieces that build a thick but warm aural soup that fills the room. Hayler rocks in his chair and rolls his head, lost in the enveloping noise. The music has a natural, almost organic texture.